June 27th, 2013 : The heat in the afternoon.

by emilyfrankenberry

I have a love/hate with air conditioners. For the most part, I love them. They insure a good night sleep; a comfortable dinner; a cozy cup of warm coffee in the morning. They do great things.

But my hate emerges when I am reminded what artful liars they are. Deceptive liars. They convince you that while dressing you should certainly grab that studded blazer, in case you get chilly. You should absolutely straighten your tangled hair. Go for the liquid make up! Sweating is definitely not in the cards today.

Then, you encounter the heat in the afternoon.  The mug and fog and humidity and wall  aggressively greet you when bolting out the door. The blazer gets shoved in your bag, your hair quickly frizzes, and the make up has already started to drip down the outskirts of your face, creating the allusion that you are, in fact, a walking painting.

It’s a bittersweet love affair I have with my AC unit.  A rollercoaster of emotion.